Pure Pearls Vitamins and Ceramides Ducosmetics Vitagel 40 units

Powerful anti-ageing product.
Single dosis capsules of Vitamins E + F, for topical application.

It prevents the formation of free radicals. Prevents the perioxydation of other vitamins. Slows down the destruction of fats and hormones.Improves the permeability of skin arteriols and venules. It increases the skin's natural oxygenation and nutrition. It restores the skin's barrier and helps to maintain correct moisturising levels. It increases the skin's resistance to atmospheric agents. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties. It increases the skin's elasticity.

Dry, aged skins and skins that lack oestrogen, or are damaged by excess solar radiation, or with allergic reactions or circulation problems (rosacea, etc.)

Break the capsule and apply the whole contents. Massage gently. These capsules can be applied as a single treatment or before day or night creams.

DU Cosmetics
Vitagel C

Data sheet

Type of skin
Hyaluronic acid
Vitamin C
Face care
Antiedad Global
Dull complexion
Piel Estresada

Pure Pearls Vitamins and Ceramides Ducosmetics Vitagel 40 units


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