Peeling Scrub Sping DU Cosmetics 200ml

Creamy exfoliant gel.

Eliminates corneous cells. Removes detritus from the skin. It contains wax microparticles that penetrate the pores and remove dirt. The liposomes it contains increase moisturising and skin flexibility. It calms and refreshes the skin, and is non-irritant.

Suitable for all skin types.

Apply a small amount of the product to clean skin, softly massage with your fingertips, and gradually add water to form an emulsion. The more sensitive the skin, the more water required. Once the skin is well exfoliated, rinse with plenty of water until all traces of the product have been removed.

Apply once or twice a week.

DU Cosmetics
Peeling Scrub Spring DU

Data sheet

Type of skin
Face care
Open pores

Peeling Scrub Sping DU Cosmetics 200ml


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