Orange Cream 50ml Du Cosmetics

Du cosmetics Cream with a high concentration of last generation moisturizing elements. It contains tensors and Vitamins C, A, E, P and B, which are 30 times more effective for the skin when applying them directly on the skin than when they are orally ingested.


A high-concentrated vitamin cocktail for your skin. 

It protects from atmospheric pollution and from the formation of free radicals.

Increases the collagen level, consequently increasing dermic hydration.

Increases skin flexibility, smoothness and density. It improves ephitelial blood circularion.

Reduces wrinkles and increases defense cells and their immunological activity.

Indicated for all kind of skins. Specially recommended for dry, tired and stressed skins. Day and night cream.

DU Cosmetics
Crema Orange 50ml

Data sheet

Type of skin
Todo tipo
Polvo Hidrolizado de Seda
Vitamin C
Vitamina E
Face care
Antiedad Global
Dull complexion
Piel Estresada

Orange Cream 50ml Du Cosmetics


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