Resveracream Depot Antiaging cream 100ml  

Extra moisturising and regenerating cream.


This moisturizing, regenerating, antiaging cream has been designed with a "depot" effect: its intelligent active principle it's released during 24 hours after its application.

It has anti-free radical properties. It stimulates cell sirtuins, preventing them against deterioration and enhancing their function. It increases moisturising. It regenerates and revitalises. It has healing properties. It has anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties.

Application method with the Complex capsules: A-C and R. Mix with the contents of the selected Complex capsule, just before it is to be applied. Massage gently. Once the product has been absorbed, again apply a little bit of cream on its own.
DU Cosmetics
Resveracream Depot 100ml

Data sheet

Type of skin
Aceite Esencial de uva
Aloe Vera
Centella Asiática
Vitamina E
Face care
Antiedad Global

Resveracream Depot Antiaging cream 100ml


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