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In the online shop Le Parisien Nails Bar Valencia can buy underwear reductive Adipotex, textile art cosmetic gear at the best prices. Reducing Fishnet comfortable to wear.

Adipotex. Textile cosmetic gear.

Adipotex is a revolutionary piece of technology that delivers high reshape your figure thanks to the triple action of microencapsulated active ingredients with embedded: reducing action, firming and draining.

The fabric used in making intelligent allows progressive release these active substances, which, when penetrating into the skin, reducing the contour achieved quickly and easily.

Reducing reducing garments are made of microfiber Adipotex of Novarel Slim Nylon microcapsules containing active ingredients that are released progressively

Hypoallergenic clinically tested product.

What is an intelligent fabric?
It is a nylon microfibre fabric Slim Novarel microcapsules containing active ingredients that are released gradually.

It is the newest way to apply a cosmetic body.

Compared to other forms of administration as creams, sprays, patches ... smart textiles provide greater efficiency through the gradual and prolonged release of the active ingredients, maximum product absorption and comfort assured.

How does it work?

1. Nylon microfibre SLIM NOVAREL thousand microcapsules incorporated in each filament.

2. The friction of the skin tissue causes the microcapsules thereby releasing their active principles.

3. The penetration of active ingredients achieves a reduction of contour quickly and easily



Lipolytic action. Stimulates the mobilization and metabolism of free fatty acids.


Antiradical action. Improves skin texture giving firmness.


Antioxidant action on collagen synthesis. It is the vitamin of youth.


They act as a helping cement the intercellular junction. Improves skin texture giving firmness.


Nourishing. Protect, soothe, regenerate and improve skin elasticity. Preserve premature skin aging.


Vasoconstriction, improves microcirculation. It stimulates the production of new cells, giving luminosity and hydration.


The combination of the active ingredients more effective and innovative system of progressive release encapsulated get the maximum effect in the three main problems that cause cellulite and localized adiposity.

Reducing action Renew, then and draining.

Up to 2 cm reduction hip measurement.

65% reduction of fat deposits.

Effect redensifying.

76% lowering efficacy.

Remember also that Le Parisien Nails Bar Valencia offers many body treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures.

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